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Directions:Read the following texts.Answer the questions blow each text by choosing [A],[B],[C] or [D]..

The United States Interstate Highway System is an infrastructure feat of unprecedented proportions.Not only does it join all fifty states in the union together allowing for rapid transport of goods and people,but it also has legitimate claim to the title of the largest public worker program in history.The project was motivated by both military and economic goals.Interest in the project existed since the early 1940s,but was delayed by the outbreak of World War II,followed by the postwar recovery.Although approved by Congress in 1944,the building did not actually begin until 1956..

The postwar prosperity in America accentuated the need for such a massive infrastructure project.After America's success in World War II and recovery of its economy from the Great Depression,the population's disposable income soared,allowing most families to purchase automobiles,previously thought of as luxury items.With the sudden boom of cars,a more efficient road on which to travel was desperately needed,and the interstate highway system provided that,allowing travelers to safely and reliably visit other states or destinations closer to home..

The same surge in car ownership that created the need for the interstate highway system also provided the means by which to pay for the project.A new tax on gasoline provided 90 percent of the funding for the project,and state taxes covered the remaining 10 percent.With the new highway system in place,not only could travelers visit previously unfeasible destinations on their holidays and vacations,but businesses could transport their products to markets in other states,increasing competition across the country,to the benefit of consumers and product quality alike..

The military had a keen eye on the system as well.Troop transport was now possible to all corners of America in a rapid and efficient manner,and the long stretches of straight highways instantly provided runways for military aircraft in times of emergency.The country,linked together by a network,of roads that greatly reduced travel time,could now more efficiently be defended..

In the last forty years alone,17 trillion miles have been traveled on the US Interstate Highway System.Those miles can be equated to three trips around the world for every American,a trip to the moon for 75 million people,or three light years in space.No matter what figure is used,the numbers are stunning.The interstate highway has gotten and continues to get people where they need to go in America,and at a fraction of the time it would otherwise take..

1.The outbreak of World War II

[A] wasted precious time by delaying the Interstate Highway project..

[B] had a positive impact by contributing to the means by which the Interstate Highway System was built..

[C] delayed the start of the project but resulted in more money by which to fund it..

[D] spurred the military to throw their support in favor of the Interstate Highway project..

2.The US Interstate Highway System was built mainly

[A] to respond to urgent needs that had arisen..

[B] in order to better defend a country in a time of war..

[C] with economic and businesses in mind..

[D] from state taxpayer dollars..

3.What can we infer from the Paragraph 3??

[A] The tax on gasoline was the most efficient way by which to fund the building of the interstate highway system..

[B] The interstate highway system was an immense financial burden that required huge amounts of resources to complete..

[C] Without the postwar surge in car ownership,funding for the interstate highway system would have been insufficient..

[D] Those who stood to benefit most from the interstate highway system provided the majority of the funding for its construction..

4.By"Those miles…in space"(Line 2-3,Para.5),the author intends to

[A] stress the effects of the interstate highway system that continue to this day..

[B] highlight the incredible distances that have been traveled on the interstate highway system..

[C] state the distances traveled on the interstate highway system in more comparable terms..

[D] make a final statement attesting to the greatness of the interstate highway system..

5.The author views the United States Interstate Highway System with

[A] whole-hearted approval..

[B] a judgment of the good outweighing the bad..

[C] positive feelings on its economic impact..

[D] critical support..


1.infrastructure n.基础结构,基础设施

2.feat n.业绩,功绩

3.unprecedented a.无前例的;空前的

4.legitimate a.合理的;法定的

5.accentuate v.强调,使更突出

6.disposable a.可支配的;一次性的

7.surge n.急剧上升,猛增;(感情等的)洋溢

8.unfeasible a.不能实行的,难实施的

9.stunning a.令人震惊的;出色的


1.[With the sudden boom of cars],(a more efficient) road (on which to travel) was [desperately] needed,and the interstate highway system provided that,[allowing travelers to safely and reliably visit other states or destinations closer to home]..

【分析】本句是由and引导的并列句。前一分句中on which to travel是定语从句的省略形式;后一分句中that指代上一句中的a more efficient road;allowing travelers...closer to home是现在分词短语作伴随状语。


2.The same surge (in car ownership) (that created the need for the interstate highway system) also provided the means (by which to pay for the project)..

【分析】复合句。句子的主干部分是:the same surge...provided the means...;that引导的定语从句修饰the same surge;by which…是定语从句的省略形式。







【解析】选[A]。推理判断题。第二段提到,战后经济的繁荣使人们可支配的收入猛增,汽车走进了大多数家庭。这就对道路的建设提出了要求,因此[A]"应对日益增长的迫切需求"是建设该工程的推动力。从第一段最后三句可知,该工程(指州际高速公路体系)是受经济和军事目的的推动,直到1956年建设才开始(此时二战已结束),所以[B]不对;[C]"为经济和商业的目的"不全面;从第三段可知,工程的建设资金绝大多数(90%)来自汽油税(tax on gasoline)的收入,只有10%来自各州的税收入(即由state taxpayer支付的费用),[D]和原文不符。




【解析】选[B]。事实细节题。题干出处句后No matter…一句表明作者用这些不同的度量方式的目的是突出强调州际高速公路使用里程的数目之大,而不仅仅是用比较的方式简单地加以说明州际高速公路使用的里程数,所以只有[B]正确。








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